organising committee

The key word that explains how we are going to make this Worlds happen is Passion.

When the Emilia-Romagna Region won the candidacy and asked us to put together an Organizing Committee that could set up the UCI Road World Championships in 3 weeks, we understood right away that the key elements to win this race against time and make this event happen were going to be the people’s expertise and enthusiasm.

It is thanks to this passion that we have been able to involve hundreds of volunteers in just a matter of days and convince them to put every other thing in their lives on hold to dedicate 100 percent of their time to putting this event together. It is with passion that we have overcome all fears and doubts that this endeavour might be too difficult for us. It is with passion that we have tackled the thousands of different issues and details that will make the difference for this Championship.

As we have been discovering over the years, cycling seems to be an individual sport whereas it actually is the result of one great collective effort, that involves hundreds of people for every single kilometre raced on the course. Commitment, expertise and passion are the strength of the group that we have created.

To all of this we must add the pride of the people of this region, the desire to restart and do it in a big way by using our own resources and expertise and with the support of our own sports, industrial, cultural and institutional history.

At the centre of this grand Worlds is Imola and its territory that offer great opportunities for cycling. Thus we have created a magnificent race course with a spectacular finish line in the racetrack. We have thought up a modern, technical and demanding course because we don’t want it to be nondescript and we hope it will not be remembered simply for being hard and unyielding with its 4,950-metre altitude gap for the men’s race and 2,750-metre gap for the women’s race.

It fulfils modern day cycling’s demand, which requires that it gives a chance to everyone: strong overall riders, climbers and classical one day race specialists that must have the same characteristic as the people who have taken on this great organizational endeavour: perseverance, down to the very last metre. 

President – Marco Pavarini 

General Director – Marco Selleri

Police Headquarters And Prefecture Liaison – Prefetto Dr. Roberto Sgalla

Liaison Between Race Direction And Provincial Public Security Authority – Dr. Bruno Agnifili

Police Commander – Dott.Ssa Caterina Luperto

Management Secretary – Carla Rotondo

Road Circulation Liaison – Gilberto Cani

Race Technical Liaison With UCI – Raffaele Babini

Race Course Technical Liaison – Davide De Palma

Race Course Security – Daniele Gulmanelli

Race Course Set-up – Nikolas Morcone

Race Course Supervisor – Giuliano Collina

Interpreters – Marina Zancan – Isabella Negri

Hotel Services – Roberta Malmusi

Start And Finish Venue Coordinator – Michael Massa

Race Headquarters Coordinator – Marino Matti

Doping Control Attaché – Domenico Cafarella

Cartography – Ing. Stefano Di Santo

Suzuki Car Fleet Coordinator – Raul Turchi

Suzuki Motorcycle Fleet Coordinator – Luigi Lucchesi

Radio Technical Assistance – Virgilio Rossi

Medical Staff – Dott. Giovanni Sella

Imola IRC Ambulances – Luisa Ciottariello

Organization Secretary – Franco Mancini

Photo Agency – Isola Press – Marco Isola