A unique world championship

The book about Imola | Emilia - Romagna 2020
Road World Championships

The volunteers who achieved
the endeavour

The purpose of this book is to thank all the people, the volunteers, who put together in just 21 days one of the most watched Worlds ever.

It all went so quickly that many of them didn’t even have a chance to realize what was happening.

Through these pictures we wish to relive this adventure for all of them as well.

The fastest Road World Championships ever: one day to think it up and 21 days to organize it…

The pictures and stories of this book share one single great common denominator: the territory. The Emilia-Romagna Region made this event possible and the territory welcomed, embraced and gave it a new life.
Leafing through the pictures one can perceive the remarkable value of the choice that was made and the work that went with it.

It has been the briefest Presidency in history. I will be telling my friends about a designation which lasted just 3 weeks…

- Marco Pavarini - OC General President

Never would I have thought, back in 2017 when we embarked on the Giro d’Italia Giovani adventure, that 3 years later I would be organizing a Worlds, this Worlds!

- Marco Selleri - OC General Manager

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A Unique World Championship

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A Unique World Championship

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a unique

world championship

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